What Others Have Said

“Take your time reading Showdown at Rickwood. Skipping a page, or a paragraph, is not an option. It would be like going to the concession stand with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth of a tie game — you might miss a game-changing event. And it is that way from Prologue to Epilogue. This book is so entertaining that it reads like a novel that is so good you’re sort of sad when you finish.”

— Wayne Martin, Former Sportswriter, Birmingham News


“This is a story you wish would never end. Thank you to the author for making a reader feel like he is on the field and in the stands. Somewhere Pop Boy is smiling and saying, ‘Finally someone has recognized what I did.’”

— Chuck Stewart, Author and Rickwood Field Historian

margin“This is a story about a city, a nation, and the lives of individuals whose paths crossed at Rickwood Field. The author masterfully intertwines world events into the history of Rickwood. I applaud the vivid descriptions of the men who journeyed through Birmingham and beyond. It is more than a history to me because it allowed me to peer into the lives of people who made Rickwood Field the legend it is today.”

— Kelley Gulledge, Professional Baseball Player, 2000-2011

margin“The account of the Dixie Series game made the pages whirl. What a great moment — a 43-year-old grandfather!”

— Jim Palmer, Teacher, Altamont School

margin“Birmingham baseball is defined by Rickwood Field and the 1931 Dixie Series. Art Black tells these stories again through the lives of the players. So often we see players only by their statistics and what they accomplish on the diamond. Black gives us a more complete story — a story of players who are also men with lives beyond the baseball field.”

— Clarence Watkins, Author and Member, Friends of Rickwood

margin“In Showdown at Rickwood, Art Black has done a wonderful job of weaving in events of the past to put the story in historical context. The result is an engrossing tale about America’s oldest ballpark.”

— Joe Niese, Author, Burleigh Grimes: Baseball’s Last Legal Spitballer

margin“Showdown at Rickwood contributes invaluably to the body of literature available on Rickwood Field. The storytelling style is both highly readable and engaging, and brings to life the fascinating characters who populate the story. An ambitious researcher, Art Black establishes effectively the context, and illuminates masterfully the details, while presenting a story that is simply hard to put down.”

—David Brewer, Executive Director, Friends of Rickwood

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